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Elon Musk´s Starlink plans to have 200.000 active terminals in India by the end of 2022


Oct 3, 2021

  • Starlink´s target is to have 200.000 terminals active in India in December 2022.
  • Starlink preorders in India have exceeded 5000.
  • Semiconductor and liquid oxygen shortage affect the kit manufacturing and new satellite launches.

In India we are used to booking our place on a waiting list by putting a deposit. In some cases, like Delhi Gymkhana the wait can be across decades. At Starlink you can add yourself to the priority list with a deposit of US$ 99 which is around Rs 7350. There are IOS and Android Apps which help you determine if your location is right for Starlink, and you can read the FAQ before preordering. You can take a refund at any time before you get your Starlink, but you lose your position in the priority queue if you take a refund and the deposit is adjusted against your monthly fee once you activate. Preorders from India have crossed 5000.

Starlink is in many countries and the more preorders we have from India the easier it will be for us to get government approval and to prioritize India at SpaceX. Many ask why does it take so long to get my Starlink and why is the delivery date so uncertain. Here are a few of the factors

1. The government approval process is complex. So far there is no application pending with the government, so the ball is in our court to apply for consideration which we are working on. Our approach will be to get pilot approval quickly if Pan India approval will take long. We are optimistic that we will get approval for a pilot program or Pan India approval in the next few months.

2. The semiconductor shortage has affected the rate at which Starlink kits can be manufactured 3. There is a shortage of liquid oxygen which is required for the rockets to put more Starlink satellites into space. 4. Global preorders have crossed 500000 and around 100000 terminals are active so there is a big global backlog.

Sanjay Bhargava, Starlink Country Director India at SpaceX